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KGWA Local News Thursday

TH)--City of Enid officials announced a Citywide Town Hall Meeting for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12th at the Stride Bank Center Grand Ballroom in Downtown Enid. The purpose of the town hall meeting is to get input from residents and hear their concerns. Note cards will be provided to allow the public to ask a question or suggest a topic. Residents who wish to be recognized, should place their name on the card. City Commissioners and city staff will respond to the topics or questions, but no decisions or votes will occur during town hall meeting.


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SP)-- A Waukomis man was charged on Wednesday with one count of transmitting information by computer for purposes of instigating sexual conduct with a minor and one count of blackmail. The Garfield County Sheriff’s office said 20 year-old Dillon Wayne Lee was arrested in Enid on Tuesday evening and booked into Garfield County Detention Facility on the complaints. His bond was set at $500,000. Interviews were conducted with several victims who said they were at times solicited for private sexual images, which included blackmail. GCSO, with assistance from Waukomis Police Department, executed more search warrants at a residence in an attempt to gather additional evidence regarding the investigation. The joint investigation is ongoing, with additional charges forthcoming. GCSO and WPD are seeking the public’s help in identifying additional victims who might have been exploited by an Instagram account with the username @munchowat and/or @Kp_20031234. If anyone has information regarding the case, contact GCSO or WPD at (580) 237-0244.



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WR)—Wednesday’s weekly report from the state health department shows two Enid residents were among the 264 weekly COVID-19-related deaths reported in the previous seven days. The weekly increase brought the total number of deaths in Garfield County to 153. Of those, 142 have been in Enid, according to OSDH city data, with five in Lahoma, one each in Drummond, Fairmont, Garber, Covington and Waukomis and one not listed by town. Cases in Garfield County increased to a total of 9,672, a weekly increase of 167, with 224 considered active and 9,295, or 96.1%, recovered. Statewide, there have been 497 hospitalizations in the past week. The three-day average hospitalizations in the Northwest Region is 33 with five in the ICU. In Enid, St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center reported it currently had six confirmed positive COVID-19 patients with none in the ICU, and Integris Bass Baptist Health Center reported five patients on Wednesday, also with none in the ICU.


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OR)--Following this week’s announcement of the city’s change to an open records request system, Enid officials are clarifying that residents still can fill out a paper form or directly contact city offices to ask for publicly available records. Those forms are available at the city clerk and Enid Police Department offices for the public to request official documents and other materials. That form is also downloadable online at This week the City of Enid and Enid Police Department launched the new GovQA online system to provide open records availability to the public. The online system is accessible on the city’s and EPD websites.


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CV)— Sixty-three virus-related deaths and 1,501 newly confirmed coronavirus cases were reported in the state since Wednesday, according to daily numbers released late this morning by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Currently, 10,357 Oklahomans are considered active cases in the state, with 865 people hospitalized in Oklahoma for treatment of the virus. The seven-day rolling average for new daily cases reported was 1,224.


Situation Update: COVID-19

Data shown are preliminary and subject to change
as additional information is obtained


COVID-19 Cases:


New Cases


New Cases 7 day Average


Active Cases


CDC/NCHS Provisional Deaths



There have been 9672 positive COVID-19 cases, and 153 deaths in Garfield County. 8586 of those cases and 142 deaths have been in Enid. In surrounding counties: Kingfisher County has reported 2525 cases, Blaine County is at 1468 cases, Alfalfa 1272, Major 1192, and Grant 686.


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CC)--The City of Enid Parks and Recreation Department is hosting the annual Community Cultural Celebration on Saturday, October 9th from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at North Government Springs Park and is seeking participation from the community, This event is an opportunity to highlight and identify the different cultures, ethnicities, heritages and people that make the Enid such a wonderful city to put down roots. Community members are invited to participate and showcase who they are and where they come from by registering for a booth, performing live music and dances, selling handmade and original items/crafts, or by giving others a taste of their authentic and ethnic foods from their culture or family. For questions, concerns, or to register for the Community Cultural Celebration:




SP)--City of Enid Parks and Recreation announced the closure of the Hoover and Champion splash pads for the 2021 season. Sunday, October 10th, will be the last day to take a splash. The hours of operation are 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week. The Hoover Splash Pad is located at 3000 West Oklahoma, and the Champion Splash Pad is located at 700 North 10th Street. Both city splash pads are scheduled to reopen for the 2022 Summer Season.




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