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GN)--An Enid couple recently recovered from COVID-19, thanks to a lesser-known treatment. 69 year-old Ron Shafer and 71-year-old Josie got sick last December and tested positive for COVID-19. When their symptoms only got worse, their daughter took them to Integris Health. That's where they received the bamlanivimab (BAM) infusion. “The bamlanivimab (BAM) infusion contains a monoclonal antibody that replicates the body’s natural antibodies needed to fight the virus,” INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Enid Manager Miranda Martinez, MSN, RN, said. “These antibodies are created in a laboratory to target certain antigens in the body. In the bamlanivimab case, it targets the COVID-19 antigen.” Martinez said that eligible patients range from age 12 and up, but must meet certain criteria if under the age of 65. COVID-19 positive patients age 65 and older within the 10-day window of symptom onset automatically qualify for treatment. Martinez emphasized the infusion must take place within 10 days of when symptoms first begin. Once positive COVID-19 test results are received within the 10-day window of developing symptoms, and criteria are met, a patient may then be referred by a physician to receive the infusion, INTEGRIS officials said. As for the Shafers, they have made a full recovery within a few weeks of receiving the treatment, according to Integris officials.



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SA)--Garfield County officials are reviewing a report on the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office from State Auditor and Inspector Cindy Byrd that was completed in December and released this week. The audit, “Garfield County Sheriff Turnover” statutory audit, was released Monday. Enid News and Eagle reports the report states that 88 items on the sheriff’s office inventory list, including such things as file cabinets, computers, monitors and some vests, could not be located. In addition, 90 items did not have a county identification number attached. Those items included vehicles, cabinets and radios. Another six items were not available to audit, including four vehicles, two radar systems and one vest. Reese Wedel, chairman of the Board of Garfield County Commissioners, said county officials are going over the audit. According to Wedel, many of the items listed in the report as not being located date back to when the jail was atop Garfield County Court House and the sheriff’s office was in the courthouse basement. He said it is likely many of the items were disposed of and never deleted from the inventory list. Garfield County Detention Facility moved to its new location on South 10th in the early 2000s. Wedel also said the vehicles listed in the report as not available to audit have been purchased but have not yet been put into service.


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CN)—34 newly confirmed virus-related deaths and 559 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the state since Wednesday, according to daily numbers released late this morning by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Officials said 271 Oklahomans are currently hospitalized for treatment of the virus. According to the health department, the 7-day rolling average for the number of new daily cases reported was 447 in today’s report.


COVID-19 Oklahoma Test Results





*Total Cumulative Negative Specimens to Date


*Total Cumulative Number of Specimens to Date


Acute Care OSDH Licensed Facility Hospitalizations


Other Types of Facilities Hospitalizations


Total Cumulative Hospitalizations


Provisional Death Count (CDC/NCHS)



*The total includes laboratory information provided to OSDH at the time of the report. As a result, counts are subject to change. Total counts may not reflect unique individuals. Data Source: Acute Disease Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health. As of 2021-03-18 at 7:00 a.m.


There have been 7656 positive COVID-19 cases, and 82 deaths in Garfield County. 6773 of those cases and 74 deaths have been in Enid. In surrounding counties: Kingfisher County has reported 2004 cases, Alfalfa 1150, Blaine County is at 1012 cases, Major 948, and Grant 543.


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RW)--Construction on Southgate Road will begin April 5th. It will begin at 16th street and go to the landfill entrance. When this is done it will continue from the landfill entrance to the railroad tracks. This will be a complete rebuild of the road, road bed and drainage. Estimated time to complete 150 days.



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